2024 Varsity Roster

OF/LHP - 6'0"/182 lbs. / Senior L/L
2   Deuce Malone
Awards: 2024 CHS Coaches Award
Season Goal: Win Region & Win State
Parents Zehra Malone and Bobby Malone
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
Advice for Underclassmen: Be in the moment every pitch
OF/IF/RHP - 6'1"/180 lbs. / Senior
3   Will Taylor
Awards:  2024 CHS Mr. April, 2024 Senior Academic Runner-up
Parents William Taylor and Joanna Taylor
College Status or InterestsCommitted: Alabama A&M
C/OF - 6'3"/195 lbs. / Senior R/R
11   Wilson Holland
Awards: 2023 All-Region C HM, 2023 CHS Best Defensive Player, 2024 CHS Best Defensive Player
Season Goal: Work Hard and Win State
Parents Will and Kaci Holland
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
Advice for Underclassmen: Don't Miss out on any Opportunities
RHP/RF - 6'9"/210 lbs. / Senior R/R
13   Oakley Koontz
Season Goal:  90+, consistency
Parents Andy Koontz
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
Basketball and Baseball
Advice for Underclassmen: Pay attention
RHP/3B - 6'5"/225 lbs. / Senior R/R
16   Jack Brown
Awards: 2024 All-Region Pitcher of the Year, 2024 All Chattahoochee Valley 1st Team, 2024 CHS Co-Best Pitcher
Season Goal: Hit 90 or die
Parents Kevin and Kacey Brown
College Status or Interests Committed: Thomas University
Advice for Underclassmen: Work hard, put your head down, and lastly have fun
3B - 6'1"/215 lbs. / Senior
22   Saxon Anderson
Parents Jamey Anderson and Victoria Bassett
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
1B/2B - 6'1"/185 lbs. / Senior R/L
24   Robert Harford
Awards: 2024 CHS Teammate Award
Season Goal:  Win one game at a time
Parents John and Paige Harford
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
Baseball, Basketball, and Football

Advice for Underclassmen: Work Hard
OF/RHP - 5'9"/180 lbs. / Senior R/R
32   Quintavious Fudge
Season Goal: Improve my base running ability to get more stolen bases throughout season
Parents Quentin Fudge and Terika Redding
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
Advice for Underclassmen: Positivity can take you a long way... Head up Chest out
MIF - 5'9"/165 lbs. / Senior
38   Collin Cates
Awards: 2024 All-Region 1st Team, 2024 All Chattahoochee Valley 1st Team, 2024 CHS Senior Academic Award
Season Goal: Bat .350 or better, fielding percentage of .950 or better, 70% QAB’s
Parents Amy Cates
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
Advice for Underclassmen: Cherish every moment because it flies by
LHP/1B - 6'4"/225 lbs. / Senior L/L
44   Jack Peak
Awards: 2023 All-Region P/1B 2nd Team
Season Goal: 90 or die
Parents John and Allison Peak
College Status or InterestsCommitted: South Georgia State
Advice for Underclassmen: Take advantage of morning workouts. They make a difference.
RHP/1B - 6'0"/275 lbs. / Senior R/R
50   Corban Milano
Season Goal: 
Parents John and Stacey Milano
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
LHP/1B/OF - 6'1"/185 lbs. / Junior L/L
10   Jonathan Miller
Awards: 2024 CHS Most Improved Pitcher, 2024 CHS Junior Academic Award
Season Goal: Gain velocity and command, Be consistent at the plate
Parents Steven and Ann Miller
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
C/1B/3B/OF - 5'9"/165 lbs. / Junior L/R
18   William Randall
Season Goal: Sub 2 pop-time, hit over .300, Glorify God in Everything I Do, Play for the Team!
Parents Anthony and Jeanine Randall
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
OF/RHP - 5'8"/170 lbs. / Junior R/R
23   David Scott Livingston
Season Goal:  Be the best team player I can be and get better
Parents Scott and Jaime Livingston
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
Football and Baseball
OF/LHP - 5'8"/155 lbs. / Junior L/L
26   Caden Bryans
Awards: 2024 All-Region 1st Team, 2024 CHS Rookie of the Year
Season Goal: Win region and state
Parents Anthony and Karen Bryans
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
MIF - 5'8"/140 lbs. / Junior R/R
29   Cody Mills
Awards:  2024 CHS JV Defensive Player
Season Goal: My goals are to improve my hitting, throwing velocity, and to stay healthy
Parents Casey and Katy Mills
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
1B/3B - 6'0"/225 lbs. / Junior R/R
30   Walker Bridges
Awards:  2024 CHS JV Offensive Player
Season Goal: Get on base every game of the season
Parents Justin and Beth Bridges
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
2B/RHP - 6'1"/175 lbs. / Junior R/R
31   RJ Griffin
Season Goal: Help the team any way I can
Parents Reginald and Victoria Griffin
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
3B/P - 6'2"/170 lbs. / Junior R/R
33   Christian Spivey
Awards:  2024 CHS JV Co-Best Pitcher
Season Goal:  Improve from last year
Parents James and Kelly Holemon
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
C/IF - 5'9"/165 lbs. / Junior R/R
40   Vincent Atkinson
Awards:  2024 CHS Junior Academic Award
Season Goal:  Block, Accurate Throws, Clutch Hitting
Parents Greg and Rebecca Atkinson
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
LHP/OF - 5'9"/130 lbs. / Junior L/L
48   Martin Heim
Season Goal: To play to the best of my potential and ability
Parents Treye Heim and Kim Stanley
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
LHP/1B/OF - 6'4"/170 lbs. / Sophomore L/L
14   Michael Nottleman
Awards: 2023 All-Region P 1st Team, 2023 All Chattahoochee Valley 2nd Team, 2023 CHS Rookie of the Year, 2024 All-Region 1st Team, 2024 All Chattahoochee Valley 2nd Team, 2024 CHS Co-Best Pitcher of the Year
Season Goal: Hit 88 mph
Parents Nick Nottleman and Kathy Nottleman
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
SS/RHP/2B - 5'9"/155 lbs. / Sophomore R/R
17   Axel Serra
Awards: 2023 Freshman Offensive Player
Season Goal: Play 110% every game and do anything it takes for my team
Parents Gustavo and Alexis Serra
College Status or InterestsUncommitted:
CF/RHP - 5'10"/155 lbs. / Sophomore R/R
45   Jamari Blackmon
Awards: 2024 CHS Roadrunner, 2023 Freshman Defensive Player
Season Goal: I want to be able to provide offensive help for my team as well as being a hawk in the OF defensively
Parents Demetrius McClellan
College Status or InterestsUncommitted: