Concession Stand Procedures

Please arrive and start working 15 minutes prior to game time. If you can’t be there by this time, please get someone to cover it until you arrive.

Prices are posted in the concession stand.

After the game, ALL baseball parents should help pick up trash, sweep the stands, etc to make the grounds presentable for the next event.


Wash any pots/pans/utensils used

Restock drinks in cooler

Remove all trash (inside & outside), re-line all trash cans with bags and turn outside trash bins upside down (players should take the bags to the dumpster)

Sweep floor and lock up

Pre-paid Accounts for CHS Baseball Players

If you would like to establish a Prepaid Account for your son at the CHS concession stand, you need to see Kathy Duffey at the concession stand. You can add money or check his account at any time during the season. If your son DOES NOT have the money in his account, he will NOT be allowed to charge anything. They must have cash. Players are not allowed to go in the concession stand and sign for food or drinks out on their account. They must come to the window and the volunteer will update their account. Players cannot borrow from other players accounts.

Concession Schedules

Please see the 2023 schedule here